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Prepare Yourself for a Future in Private Practice

On March 9, 2010, USPh hosted "Prepare Yourself for a Future in Private Practice," its first "Webcast" - an interactive webinar using social media. The event was promoted through social media such as Twitter and Facebook and participants interacted with speakers using a chat room and tweets.


Alexander Kippen/Introduction :00-:03
Deliverscentral points to be delivered by all 3 topics below

You'll Need Patients
Things you can do to endear yourself to physicians and get their referrals
Chris Reading, PT :03-:12
Online Q&A :12-:21

You'll Need Business Savvy
What to know to start and run a small business
Dave Landers, PT, Ph.D :21-:30
Online Q&A :30-:39

You'll Need Money
How to plan for and get capital
Rick Katz, PT :39-:48
Online Q&A :48-:57

Alexander Kippen/Close :57-1:00
Concludes with central points made by all 3 speakers above and reports on where to go for further information

15 minutes informal mix & mingle with online Q&A


Rick Katz, PT CEO Adient Health
Dave Landers, PT Vice President and Partner, STAR Physical Therapy
Chris Reading, PT CEO U.S. Physical Therapy

Questions & Comments

Some of the questions asked by participants via chat room and Twitter:

  • How can you approach a new doctor? And what strategies can we adopt to establish good communication with him or her?
  • Would you suggest taking a packet of info that describes what you do to a doctor?
  • Are some doctors better to aim at than others?
  • Would it be smart to do some research about the healthcare needs of your region and include that in your physical therapy business plan?
  • As a new grad, I want to know what you recommend for a time line before opening a practice.

Some of the comments made by participants via chat room and Twitter:

  • How exciting to have resources for starting a physical therapy clinic like this to see if private practice is right for me.
  • Thanks - has been very informative
  • Thank you very very much for this wonderful session - it has been really helpful.

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