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U.S. Physical Therapy's Owner/Partners: Independence without the risks.

At U.S. Physical Therapy, we believe that free-standing out-patient physical and occupational therapy clinics run by therapists are the best setting for patients to access high quality and cost-effective rehabilitative healthcare. Our company is dedicated to creating opportunities for therapists to have the benefits of an independent practice setting without the risk.

We work with a select group of physical and occupational therapists to create and run great out-patient rehabilitation clinics. In our arrangement, there is no financial investment required from you to start a clinic. We own 65% of the clinic and you own 35%. Our owner partners make a guaranteed salary with full benefits plus 35% of all profits from their center, on top of their salary. Your center will operate under a name you choose that is best for your local area. You have the autonomy and privileges of ownership without the risk. Our owner / partners run their own clinic exactly the way they want, with all the help and support they ever need. You will treat patients with the best care possible, growing professionally and personally, and make an income commensurate with your efforts. You'll open your clinic without financing it and with all the support needed to run the business.

U.S. Physical Therapy has been creating opportunities for therapists through joint ownership arrangements since 1990 and currently operates over 400 clinics in 42 states.

We help you by:

  • Providing 100% of start-up and working capital.
  • Assisting with the entire start-up process, including location selection and center design.
  • Freeing you to treat patients with the clinical care you know is best.

We provide the time-consuming "back-office" functions of running a business including credentialing, recruiting, accounting, legal, and marketing. We have over 150 people in Houston and in the field to help you.

What our partners love about owning their own center in our shared-ownership model:

  • The independence of ownership. We consult together on major decisions but they control their own day-to-day operation.
  • The right to control the clinical environment and provide the best patient care without corporate limitations.
  • The chance to expand their treatment skills and reach their potential as a clinician.
  • The security of knowing there is support from USPHs for all the functions it takes to run the clinic.
  • High income potential tied directly to their clinic's success.
  • None of the financial risk that comes with starting a clinic.
  • The opportunity to own more than one clinic.

If this ownership concept interests you, please us today at contact@ownyourownclinic.com and 1-800-580-6285.

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