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Physical Therapy Business Plan

If you like what you've seen so far in this website, go ahead and take the next steps toward becoming a USPh partner. We'll go though a mutual qualification process with you to make sure you're a good fit for us... and that we're a good fit for you. The following steps are an overview of our process:

Step 1: Spend More Time on our Website

Watch and read our physical therapy partner success stories, build your own clinic with our online quiz and questionaire, read about our physical therapy program functions, and don't forget to request USPh Partnership Information!

Step 2: Attend Web Conferences

We hold web conferences (such as our Starting Private Practice webinar) to give prospective partners a better feel for the opportunity. Some feature existing partners sharing their experiences and taking questions. Others feature our CEO or other key executives giving an overview of the opportunity and fielding questions.

Step 3: Talk To An Advisor

Call our office at 800-580-6285 and speak to one of our advisors about your future in private practice. We'll answer any questions you have after having read this brochure and our website, and ask you several questions about your situation.

Step 4: Visit Us In Houston!

If our initial discussions lead us to believe that this partnership would be a good fit, we'd like to meet you (and your family) face-to-face. We'll pay for you to visit our headquarters in Houston where you can see our offices and meet many of the people you will work with as a partner. The trip will serve as a "mutual interview" where both parties can get a better feel for each other.

Step 5: We'll Visit Your Town

If we feel confident that a successful partnership can be made, we'll then visit you in your local market to further explore the opportunity. We'll go with you to meet with the referring physicians you'll be counting on and judge their advocacy. We'll also do a preliminary look at real estate and explore managed care access and pricing.

Step 6: Physical Therapy Business Plan

Together we'll put together a physical therapy business plan that outlines anticipated volume, revenue, expenses, and profitability assumptions. The physical therapy business plan will show physical therapy compensation for you and return on investment for us. Then we will prepare an employment agreement and a partnership agreement stating the exact terms of the partnership.

Step 7: Review & Sign Documents

We will provide you with documents including a multi-year employment agreement and a partnership agreement that clearly outline each party's rights and responsibilities in the partnership. You'll want to seek the advice and input of your legal and financial advisors and family. Assuming all is in order, you'll execute the agreements and we'll be ready to begin the process of opening your own private clinic!

Step 8: Open For Business!

Everything is official - now it's time to negotiate a lease, build out your space, and design and furnish it. There are plenty of details to handle, and opening clinics is our forte. We'll guide the entire process - with your input of course - to make sure the clinic is opened in a timely manner.

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