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Questions on Starting Your Own Clinic

What is your success rate using this model?

Historically over 90% of our startup physical therapy franchise partnerships are successfully operating after 5 years. This model works! Partner #1 is still with the company. That's because we carefully screen potential partners and perform a thorough assessment of the market. We've been running clinics in partnerships with therapists since 1990 and we know the formula for opening and growing successful clinics!

How much money do I have to invest up front?

None. In our partnership arrangements, we are responsible for all of the capital investments required to opening your clinic. In fact, we will give you a multi-year guaranteed salary to start to ensure that your personal income doesn't have to take a step backward as you start your clinic.

This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

There's no catch. But also realize, we don't partner with just anyone. We are looking for a unique individual who is not only a great physical therapist, but who also knows how to develop relationships with referring physicians and who has the ability to push and grow a clinic. In our experience, only about 10% of physical therapists are a good fit for our partnerships. When we find a good match, it's a true WIN-WIN for both parties.

Do I receive benefits such as vacation and healthcare insurance?

You and all employees of the clinic will be covered by USPh's excellent benefits package. As a major employer, we are able to secure benefits comparable to large healthcare systems and much better than most small physical therapy businesses.

How much control of the clinic will I have... I mean REALLY have?

Since we will be partners, we will naturally have to agree on certain major decisions. But our physical therapy program thrives because we WANT our Partners to make the daily decisions that affect the clinic. Most of the input we provide has to do with operations - things we have experience and expertise in.

Can I choose my own name for my clinic?

Absolutely! Your clinic will be a reflection of YOU... you can choose the name, the logo, the colors, etc.

How can I be sure you won't compete against me in my market?

Our goal is for you to be successful. In many markets, we have been able to successfully work with more than one partner without competing. Our philosophy is not to compete with our partners because we would just be competing with ourselves.

What if I want to sell my interest in the clinic later?

Our agreement provides an opportunity for you to sell your interest to USPh after at least 5 years of partnership.

Will I have to work a lot more hours than I do now?

Most of our Partners report that they work about the same number of hours as an owner that they did as an employee. Naturally, as an owner, you will be responsible for making sure things get done and problems get resolved... which could occasionally lead to extra hours. But you will also have the flexibility to set your schedule to meet your family's needs. Also consider that you will be working FAR FEWER hours than if you started a clinic on your own. Since USPh handles all of the tedious back-office work, you won't have to spend your weekends pouring over payroll tax issues, accounting documents, or trying to learn the latest compliance requirements.

I'm not sure... can I wait until next year to decide?

Only you know the right time to make this decision for you and your family and we never push people to make a hasty decision. Unfortunately, some opportunities won't last forever. If you are not ready to move forward, we will continue the development process with other qualified candidates.

I have a non-compete agreement... is that a problem?

Yes. We do not engage physical therapists who have an employment agreement that includes a non-compete. You must be unencumbered to participate in the physical therapy business opportunity.

I'm interested in this opportunity. What's my next step?

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