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Qualifications of our Partners

Do you have what it takes to be a USPh Partner? We have the capital and expertise ready and waiting for the right physical therapy specialists in the right markets. Here's what we're looking for:

Clinical Excellence

Are you a GREAT physical therapist? Modesty aside, are you one of the best you know? Would others agree with that assessment? Do you have patients that love coming to see you and doctors who refer to you by name?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Are you excited by the prospect of owning your own clinic? Does it keep you awake at night - thinking of all the ways to do things better and faster and with more focus on the patient? Are you energized by becoming a big part of the healthcare services industry in your community? If so, you're our kind of person!

Referral Relationships

Do you have a steady stream of new patients coming from multiple doctors? Are you good enough as a therapist AND good enough at building relationships that you can keep the patient flow coming?


Have you been dreaming about opening your own clinic? Do you want to make a dramatic positive impact on your family's quality of life? Do thoughts of controlling your own destiny and "calling the shots" in your own clinic dominate your thoughts? If so, we're interested in talking to you!


Do people like and respect you in your current workplace? Are you recognized as an authority and have a natural charisma? Have you built teams and lead them through challenging times? We are looking for natural leaders.

Great Communicator

We're looking for therapists who can be clear in their written and oral communications. You'll need to communicate often and effectively with patients, physicians, vendors, employees, and us (yes, us at USPh).


There are lots of moving parts associated with running a physical therapy business... and even though we handle a lot of them in the background, you'll be running the show day to day. Can you keep things organized and running smoothly? Do you delegate effectively and keep the schedule on time? Do you set goals, develop plans, and execute them? These are the characteristics of successful clinic owners.


Starting a new business requires a "whatever it takes" attitude, because it's not all fun. Things aren't always going to go as planned. Do you have the "grit' necessary to overcome obstacles, ask for the business, and make tough decisions?

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