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Be Your Own Boss

Nothing defines the American Dream like starting and running your own physical therapy services business. And for good reason: You get to run your clinic the way you want to run it, treat the kinds of patients you want to treat, and make the money you deserve to make. The sky is literally the limit.

Many people mistakenly think that owning a physical therapy business is a risky venture. In the comparison below, note how ownership and being an employee both have numerous cons. Partnering with U.S. Physical Therapy is different. You can eliminate the least appealing aspects of being an employee or being a 100% owner by partnering with USPh.




  • Call the shots
  • Hire who you want; treat the patients you want
  • Focus on doing what you enjoy
  • Much higher earning potential
  • Live the American dream


  • Startup costs can be prohibitive
  • Must deal with office management details
  • Income not assured
  • Ambiguity: dealing with the unknown
  • Put in extra hours when necessary


  • Limited ambiguity - "paint by numbers"
  • Work your shift then go home
  • No need to deal with administrative details
  • Income virtually guaranteed


  • At the mercy of clinic management
  • Could be terminated at any minute
  • Income growth extremely limited
  • May be assigned to unpleasant roles
  • Career path is limited

* Many of these problems are eliminated by partnering with USPh.

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket... At Least Not a Basket Controlled by Somebody Else

According to Jim Collins, author of Good To Great, being an employee is actually far more risky than running your own show. He says - and we agree - that the real challenge for entrepreneurs is dealing with ambiguity, and employees are the ones burdened with real risk.

"People used to come to me and say, "I'd really like to do something on my own, but I'm just not ready to take that much risk. So I took a job instead." And I would say, "You're not ready for risk? What's the first thing you learn about investing? Never put all your eggs in one basket. You've just put all your eggs in one basket that is held by somebody else. As an entrepreneur, you know what the risks are. You see them. You understand them. You manage them. If you join someone else's company (as an employee), you may not know those risks, and not because they don't exist. You just can't see them, and so you can't manage them."
(Excerpt from an interview with Collins in Inc. Magazine in 2009; emphasis added)

So here's the real question: do you want to control your own destiny, or rely on somebody else? Go ahead - make the jump.

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