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The Advantages of Partnering with U.S. Physical Therapy

Sure you've thought about starting a physical therapy clinic - but do you really have what it takes? The table below shows some of the comparative advantages of starting your physical therapy rehabilitation center yourself vs. partnering with USPh.

Issue To Consider Self-Startup:
The Hard Way
USPh Partnership:
The Easy Way
Status Owner Owner
Startup capital required $150,000 to $300,000 $0
Startup expertise required Extensive Minimal
Average first year salary $0 to $25,000 $75,000 - $90,000
Average compensation Varies wildly; most who survive 5 years make over $100,000 $122,873 Single-Location Partners
$213,966 Multiple-Clinic Partners
Income dependant on Business knowledge (which many PTs don't have) Clinical skills and your ability to leverage relationships into business (which some PTs can do very well)
Who calls the shots The bank, until you are out of debt You do
Biggest upside You make all the money from the clinic (after you pay everyone else) Zero risk and unlimited income
Biggest downside Startup costs are prohibitive for most... risk is huge. First 2 years take-home pay very small. None really
Best for PTs who Have easy access to lots of capital or who are extremely risk tolerant Have good referring physician relationships and have a desire to own a clinic
Success rate ?? 90%
Comments If you are truly qualified to open your own clinic, you'd be wise to at least explore becoming a USPh partner first. You can eliminate all downside risk, eliminate tedious back-office work, and still make great money while being in control of the clinic. Since there is literally NO downside, the biggest issue to consider is "are you qualified?" for this opportunity. Please see the list of qualities we look for in our "perfect candidate" and contact us immediately.

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