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Partner Success Stories

outpatient rehabilitation

Karen Sorbo-Gongola PT

Shelby Township, Michigan • Partner Since 1999

"My partnership with U.S. Physical Therapy has been the best professional decision I have made. What I value most is the ability to market and run my outpatient rehabilitation clinic as it relates to my community."

physical therapy program

David McCullough MPT, COMT

Spokane Valley, Washington • Partner Since 2009

"The USPh physical therapy program has been a huge support and I am grateful for having a partner. As a PT in my own business, it has been refreshing to spend more time clinically than administratively! I am able to focus on patient care and still review the business metrics that are provided for me as a partner. I would recommend USPh for anyone who wants to go into business for themselves and wants it to be done professionally - without the burden that comes with doing it all yourself!"

Own Your Own Clinic

Kai Nimitz PT

Okemos, Michigan • Partner Since 2004

"I can truly say that I would not be in the position I am now without USPh. The Own Your Own Clinic strategy that USPh uses has allowed me to learn day to day business strategy from their expertise, while not sacrificing my true passion - treatment and interaction with our clients. The model they use for business has been a great fit for a therapist like me, as it has taught me a significant amount about how to run a clinic. I appreciate the way they give me back up and assistance without micromanaging my treatment style. All in all it has been a great partnership, each side using their strengths to benefit the whole."

private practice physical therapy

Bryan Romig PT, DPT

Fishersville, Virginia • Partner Since 2009

"Given these economic times, there is no way that I could have pursued a private practice physical therapy clinic without the support of U.S. Physical Therapy. The partnership has eliminated the risk of opening a practice and offered unparalleled support in so many different ways. From operations, to marketing, to human resources, all the bases are covered. The bottom line is that this unique partnership has allowed me to focus on what I am best in, treating patients and working with my local referral sources."

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