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David Rapson PT

Traverse City, Michigan • Partner Since 1998

"Instead of being in the prime of my career and being 'stuck at the top' of a pay scale, I am fortunate to have my income tied to my efforts and success. More importantly though, I have enjoyed the support I get with Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, and many other departments in the USPh physical therapy program that allow me to have balance in my family life."

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Andre Meintjes Ph.D., M.P.T.

Reno, Nevada • Partner Since 2002

"My partnership with USPh gives me a competitive edge. I have been able to outgrow my competitors rapidly because of the capital and expertise of the various support departments such as legal, HR, contracting, marketing and graphics, and business development - to name a few. This support gives you confidence because you know you are on top of all the rules and regulations. Economies of scale allow us to purchase at cheaper prices to pump up the bottom line and offer comprehensive benefits packages thus making it easier to recruit and retain quality employees. Unlike other medical rehabilitation centers where the owner feels isolated, we have other clinicians to bounce ideas off and learn from their experience. With U.S. Physical Therapy you are indeed one up on the rest of the field!"

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Kurt Chapman PT

Madison, Wisconsin • Partner Since 2001

"Building a partnership with USPh gave me the opportunity to 'live my dream' of owning a private practice physical therapy clinic. Prior to USPh, I never thought owning my own practice was financially possible. Without them, I could not have opened 3 clinics in 3 years!"

John Cascardo PT

Detroit, Michigan • Partner Since 1993

"Looking back on a 20+ year career, I have to say the two best decisions I have made were initially partnering my physical therapy business with U.S. Physical Therapy and later choosing to grow and expand with them as my partner. They have consistently and completely held up their end of the deal, and allowed me to practice, grow, and become a recognizable fixture in the medical community of my city as the PT provider. My name and my company are synonymous with PT in part thanks to USPh. Some days I need them a lot and sometimes days go by and we leave each other alone. It's nice to know I have someone to fall back on that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed in most circumstances. Likewise, they know and rely on their partners' knowledge and expertise on the ground to deliver the clinical piece."

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Mike Scandin PT

Wausau, Wisconsin • Partner Since 1992

"As a partner since 1992, I have enjoyed my relationship with U.S. Physical Therapy and have been able to grow the number of clinics I operate while still maintaining balance in my life. The physical therapy franchise model has allowed me autonomy to grow the business while still enjoying my family and outside activities. Without this partnership, I could never have achieved my personal financial success while still doing what I love best - taking care of my patients. It is reassuring to knowing that USPh has a strong leadership group that is helping to take care of HR, legal, contract issues, and other areas while I can focus on growing the practice."

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Karen Sorbo-Gongola PT

Shelby Township, Michigan • Partner Since 1999

"My partnership with U.S. Physical Therapy has been the best professional decision I have made. What I value most is the ability to market and run my orthopaedic physical therapy clinic as it relates to my community. I learned more about business in my first five years as a partner, than in the prior 20 years of combined school and practice."

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Jon Bergh

Ridgrecrest, CA • Opened in 2000

"I come from a family of private practitioners, so I always believed I would open my own practice. My father and brother are orthodontists, my uncle and brother-in-law are dentists, and my sister is a physical therapist like me. Business ownership is in my blood. " Read more...

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