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Support for Our Partners

Accounting Department

  • Statistical reporting - referrals, visits, revenue
  • Accounting and generation of financial statements: Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, General Ledger, Balance Sheet
  • Tax preparation and analysis (Federal, State, and Local)
  • Accounts payable
  • Banking and cash management
  • Fixed assets
  • Payroll

Human Resources and Administration

  • HR administration - new hires, status changes
  • Benefits procurement and administration
  • Employee relations
  • Recruiting
  • Management of staffing agency contracts
  • Business insurance procurement and administration
  • Professional liability insurance procurement and administration
  • Risk/claims management administration
  • Payroll management, tax administration, IRS and state reporting

Real Estate Department

  • Negotiate and re-negotiate property lease agreements
  • Coordinate leasehold improvements provided by landlord
  • Manage property disputes
  • Reconcile common area maintenance charges

Construction Department

  • Facility design, planning, and coordinate architectural services
  • Permitting
  • Supervise construction, renovations, repairs
  • Signage
  • Complete move-in service including equipment assembly

Purchasing Department

  • Negotiate pricing for equipment, clinical, and non-clinical supplies
  • Procure equipment and supplies
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Provide advice, product information, and support
  • Utilities
  • Warranties

Sales Department

  • Recruitment, hiring and training of sales professionals
  • Ongoing supervision and report review of all sales professionals
  • Periodic field rides with management and sales team to assess their skills and provide skill-set critiques
  • Assist the sales reps in the development of quantitative goals and the strategies to support those goals
  • Annual sales training in Houston
  • The sales development, training and implementation of all new product lines
  • Customer service training

Marketing Department

  • Develop logo and initial marketing materials
  • On-going support to provide announcements, business cards, signage, and advertisements

Contracting Department

  • Strategic pricing analysis
  • Credentialing
  • Managed care contract negotiations
  • Coding compliance and training
  • Resolving payment disputes

Compliance Department

  • Internal Audit
  • Policies, procedures
  • Governmental and regulatory observance and fulfillment
  • Training
  • Documentation

Legal Department

  • Contracting review and authorship
  • Legal filings, permits
  • Reimbursement
  • Medical malpractice management
  • Partnership documents
  • Leases and service agreements
  • General legal matters

Business Office Department

  • Billing systems / training
  • Front desk policy and procedures
  • Collections / training
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Data entry
  • Managing and reporting accounts receivable

Information Services

  • IT systems
  • Computers - software and hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Help desk

Operations Team

  • Coordinate corporate resources and assure support for day-to-day processes
  • Provide orientation and training for all clinical and business operations
  • On-going business advice
  • Financial modeling of new business opportunities
  • Business metric analysis and consulting
  • Business and Management training and education
  • Clinical Program development
  • Ongoing strategic planning and implementation

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