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The Perfect Clinic Partnership

All Of The Autonomy. None Of The Risk.

Welcome to the concept of partnering. A true partnering physical therapy business. That means both parties focus on what they're good at to accomplish an end result greater than either one could individually.

Let's be very clear: USPh is extremely good at opening and running physical therapist clinics - especially the back-office stuff. All the tedious, headache-inducing details associated with starting and running the clinic are right down our alley. We have the capital to spend on opening and running clinics - even to the point that we're willing and able to pay our partners a guaranteed salary.

Why do we love working with professionals like you? Because you are the best the profession has to offer. This is a relationship business, and doctors refer to therapists they know, like, and respect. We know that a clinic is only as good (and profitable) as the physical therapist who is running it. Physical therapy, by definition, has to be administered on a local level, and we've found that if we can find the RIGHT physical therapist who has a VESTED INTEREST in the performance of the clinic, everyone (i.e., you and us!) make plenty of money. And most importantly...YOU get to run the business the way you want to run it, without a huge, front-end risk.

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