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Who Does What?

As partners, naturally, we will consult with one another on any decision of significance. That being said, the chart below will give you an idea of the main areas of input and expertise each party will be responsible for:


  • Provides 100% of the startup capital, including construction, furnishing, startup costs, and partner salary
  • Manages the entire startup process - from real estate lease negotiation, to build-out, equipment purchase, set up and promotion
  • Handles all the back-office functions associated with running physical therapist clinics - contracts, compliance, HR, payroll, accounting, etc.
  • Lends practice building expertise in marketing and advertising
  • Provides support & guidance at any and every step along the way with over 100 people on staff at our headquarters in Houston
  • Provides support & guidance with business advisors who act as a first point of contact


  • Create and nurture physician relationships for referrals
  • Determine what kind of patients to treat
  • Perform front line physical therapist duties, especially during the first few years
  • Interview and select employees
  • Provide input during startup in terms of location, design, buildout, etc.
  • Maintain relationships in the community and with doctors as the practice grows


  • Determine best site, design, and logistics for location of physical therapy rehabilitation centers
  • Strategize best ways to develop referring physician relationships
  • Consult about employee hiring strategies - when and who
  • Find new and better ways to drive revenues up and costs down
  • Share profits from the clinic - after your salary and other costs have been paid
  • Discuss when and if opening additional locations make sense

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